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Poems by Mollie Caird (1922-2000)

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A Pangyrick in Commemoration of Oxford's first taking the air.

Thrice noble City, whose illustrious Name
First shone with Academick Learning's fame,
Then blazoned forth a second time afar
As Womb and Cradle of the Motor-Car,
Triumphant soar now on the wondrous Aether,
Scorning such lesser towns as creep beneath her,
Unradio'd, unsung.  With what loud noise
That little Engine with the mighty voice,
Th'all-powerful Microphone brings to each hearth
Home News, home Talents, home Delights and Mirth!
How can we fitly sing the Noble Crew
That daily mix this rich Domestick Brew:
The well-appointed Kitchen; plane and hammer
Of skilful Carpenter; Pragmatick clamour?
With Civick send-off this Emprise begins,
Where Salmon leaps and busy Bobin spins.
Hail Henderson! Hail Norbrook! Bring alive
The Waves in Megacycles ninety-five.
Heav'n grant your Frequency be Very High,
The spire of Beckley wake th' resounding sky,
And air-borne Oxon to the Welkin fly.

Radio Oxford was launched on 29 October 1970.  Among the presenters were Gordon Kitchen, Humphrey Carpenter, Keith Salmon, David Bobin, Michael Henderson and Donald Norbrook.

cf  Dryden? D'Avenant?

Oxford Times, 6 November 1970