Dancing Dust

Poems by Mollie Caird (1922-2000)

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Delight you in the tangled skeins
Of intricate philosophies?
The webs of mist upon the hill
And finer spun than these;

There is a green bloom on the willow,
And hedges with white stars entwined,
Over the ramparts of the mole
Who burrows and is blind.

And if your penetrating brain
Should chance to think but once of me,
I'd snap my fingers in the face
Of your logomachy,

And take you where the primroses
Show faint among the woodland grass,
With printless wisdom to forewarn
How quickly spring can pass.

After the bookworm and the dust
Shall be your fatal ichabod,
Will your abstruse theology
Have changed the heart of God?

Green Book No.5 - in which it is titled "To G.B.C." and in which it carries the inscription "[You have every right to be angry with this one, but it is included in the interests of Perfect Honesty. - "She meant them, how she meant them at the time"]

March, 1943