Dancing Dust

Poems by Mollie Caird (1922-2000)

The dream

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Last night I dreamed the swimming stars to me,
Tossed up along the bright shore of the land;
I dreamed the very night into a trance,
The moon into my hand.
Not any time or place there was,
But only you and I
Walking in the joy of the stars
And their serenity —
Over the green and springing turf
To the world's end with you,
To the brink of despair's awakening,
Knowing it was not true.
And since the door is always barred
And the walls so steep,
My only prayer now is for sweet forgetting,
Sweet oblivion,
And dreamless sleep.
For there is nothing to hope now,
Nothing but the pain,
The aching emptiness of heart,
And a broken song in my brain.

Green Book No.4

December, 1942