Dancing Dust

Poems by Mollie Caird (1922-2000)

Posta pinta

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Here comes your friendly milkman
With parcels by the quart;
His salary is soaring
And his working day is short;
With merry clash of bottles,
Milko! and rat-a-tat!
His wares drip through the letter box
And trickle on the mat.

Now hear your friendly postman
Announce with cheerful whistle
Each bottled invitation
And homogenized epistle;
Here's kisses on the jersey cream,
It must be from a lover —
And be careful of that yoghurt lid,
Gold top and first day cover.

O jolly milk-cum-postman
Fear not lest you be sacked
If the blue-tits peck the stamps off
Or the air-mail eggs are cracked;
For the satisfied consumer
Is very nearly sure,
Though the postcards may be dirty
The milk is always pure.

The National Innovations Centre suggested to the Post Office that cost savings could be achieved through a joint delivery service for post and milk

Oxford Times, 21 May 1971