Dancing Dust

Poems by Mollie Caird (1922-2000)

Hymn for Christian unity

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Keep us, O Lord, from treating
The bible like a charm;
Although it points to Heaven,
We use it for our harm.
We whet our private axes
On the grindstone of your Word,
We make the Book an idol
And crucify the Lord.

Let us not hedge your Gospel
Nor rob its glorious youth,
Maintaining certain formulae
Monopolize your truth.
Like dragons in the legends
We guard our golden hoard,
We make a creed an idol
And crucify the Lord.

With mystery and splendour
We deck your Church, the Bride,
Her towers and spires our glory,
Her liturgies our pride.
Our heady, rich oblations
Are on her altars poured,
We make the Church an idol
And crucify the Lord.

Yet others of us triumph
In intellectual powers;
The brains God made to serve him
We boast are wholly ours.
We see in part, we think we have
All wisdom safely stored,
We make our minds an idol
And crucify the Lord.

Take all our hands, Lord Jesus,
And draw us to your side;
Our dogmas daily wound you
Our bigotries divide.
Come, hold your cross before us,
We'll wield it like a sword,
Together smite our idols
And glorify the Lord.