Dancing Dust

Poems by Mollie Caird (1922-2000)

Georgian evening

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The booming cannon's horrid sound
Wakes Mr. Handel from the ground —
Tweaks wig, mends quill and looks around!

Perruqued and panniered ladies throng,
Drum-stepping soldiers march along,
White lawns and streams are graced with song.

Too-roo, too-roo the oboes say,
Tarantara the trumpets bray,
Silver the firework fountains play.

Rich music bursts upon the night,
The dusk explodes in comets bright,
High-sounding brass in golden light.

Then Mr. Handel joins the set
And treads the stateley minuet,
Knowing he's not forgotten yet.

A Georgian evening in the garden of Ashbrook House, Blewbury, ended with a performance of Handel's Music for the Royal Fireworks.

Oxford Times, 16 June 1967