Dancing Dust

Poems by Mollie Caird (1922-2000)

For Oxfam at Christmas

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The man who eats plum pudding
Is far from being a fool,
He pleases friends and neighbours,
And has a merry Yule;
But he who feeds a Vietnam child
Sows love, and love shall reap,
He rocks the Chrismas cradle
And puts the Babe to sleep.

The man who trims the fir-tree
With bells and coloured light
Has fun with all his family
From morn till jolly night;
But he who starves an Indian child
His light is bushel-hid,
He massacres the Innocents
As sure as Herod did.

The man who changes presents
With brother, boss , or wife
Knows how to keep the Season
With luxuries of life;
But he who saves a Congo child,
Without a shade of doubt
Has lit a Christmas candle
That shall never be put out.

Oxfam distributed "family boxes" to households at Christmas 1964

Oxford Times, 25 December 1964