Dancing Dust

Poems by Mollie Caird (1922-2000)

A sonnet of the mountains

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We lifted up our eyes unto the hills
And saw the lonely raven soar and shine,
Brighter than water, where the high cairns sign
And beckon: where the somnolent tarn fills
With slow dew and rain; and secret gills,
Crannied with pools and mosses, deeply twine
Into the mountain's heart, and softly line
The grey with sudden green.  To fight our wills
And muscles is the mountain's native duty;
Stiller than death and savage as a lion
Rears the oblique black crag no foot has trod,
Killing our careless mirth with its wild beauty,
Crying that we are come unto Mount Sion
And to the City of the Living God.

The first line is a reflects the first line of Psalm 121.

Undated, 1943-44